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My Baby Book

Summary: This keepsake book makes a wonderful gift for new parents with plenty of room for photos and other valuable items for a newborn. ( Best)
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You can customize the following information in this book...
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    Child's First Name:
    Child's Middle Name:
    Child's Last Name:
    Boy or Girl:
    (type "B" or "G")
    City, State (of Birth):
    (ex. Chicago, Illinois)
    Dedication Line:
    (ex. To our special superstar!)
    Book From:
    (ex. From Mom and Dad)

    Also fill out the following custom fields for "My Baby Book"...

    Day and/or Date of Birth:
    (ex. Tuesday, April 28th, 2001)
    Time of Birth:
    (ex. 3:12 PM)
    Weight at Birth:
    (ex. 7 pounds, 2 ounces)
    Length at Birth:
    (ex. 20 inches)
    Delivered by:
    (ex. Dr. Michael Brown)
    Mother's Name:
    Father's Name:
    Hospital Name: